Visit to some galleries

On Friday went to see William Stockman at Gildar Gallery on Broadway.  His work is so unique!  I love his use of drawing, smudging and "erasing" - great surface.  This show is up until November 4th.

I also stopped by the show at Space Gallery.  The main reason for going was to see the work of Jeff Wenzel and John Wood.  Both artists had beautiful pieces on display.  Being a collage artist I was fascinated by Jeff Wenzel's use of a variety of things on his surfaces, including twigs.  And his work is powerful from across the room.  I enjoyed both exhibits. 

One more thing... I added a few new paintings on my "home" page.  The rectangular piece named "Peppers" is 5 ft. by 11 ft.  It's definitely the largest painting I've ever done!

More later....