New smaller work - going for it!

On my home page I have added photos of some of my new paintings - images of individual pieces as well as groups hanging on my studio wall. These are smaller paintings. After a year of concentrating on larger canvases it took a while to get used to the lack of “real estate” but once I got the hang of it I began to feel a new creative surge. Again I have experimented with collage, new mediums and textures. Hope you enjoy them.

Hello 2019!

Happy New Year to all! Hopefully this will be an interesting “blogging” year for me. Stay tuned… My most recent news is that I am going to have a small piece in the grand opening show of the new Space ANNEX here in Denver. This is an ancillary gallery Michael Burnett is adding to his main space. He plans to have more individual examples of each of his artist in this gallery. I think is a wonderful concept.

I am also going to be part of a group show at Space opening in mid-July. Looking forward to doing new work for that show as well. I will blog more details as both shows get closer.

Article from Artsy newsletter...

I just read an article from the Artsy Newsletter.  My gallery owner in Canada, Deborah Boileau, has created a wonderful site for her gallery Sopa Fine Arts on Artsy.  The newsletter is sent out in the form of emails.  They are informative and they cover a myriad of subjects.

I read one this morning about some middle school children in the coal mining town of Whitwell, Tennessee who 20 years ago studied about the Holocaust.  They couldn't grasp the concept of how much 6 million was so they decided to collect paper clips.  That was twenty years ago and many different classes and now it is one of the most important Holocaust museums in the world.  The article was fascinating and touching.  The students are now planning an exhibition utilizing their "ordinary" objects using artists such as Ai Wei Wei as inspiration.  Good Luck to them!

Visit to some galleries

On Friday went to see William Stockman at Gildar Gallery on Broadway.  His work is so unique!  I love his use of drawing, smudging and "erasing" - great surface.  This show is up until November 4th.

I also stopped by the show at Space Gallery.  The main reason for going was to see the work of Jeff Wenzel and John Wood.  Both artists had beautiful pieces on display.  Being a collage artist I was fascinated by Jeff Wenzel's use of a variety of things on his surfaces, including twigs.  And his work is powerful from across the room.  I enjoyed both exhibits. 

One more thing... I added a few new paintings on my "home" page.  The rectangular piece named "Peppers" is 5 ft. by 11 ft.  It's definitely the largest painting I've ever done!

More later....


faces, spaces and places

Just sent the paintings to Canada for the group show opening this Thursday titled "faces, spaces and places".  The other two artists in the show are Ray Phillips and Karla Doell - wonderful artists.  The work I am sending are the paintings on my Home page.  I'm pleased with the new work and I  think the show will be very dynamic.  I will update my Home page with photos of the show once I receive the images from my gallery owner.  

I just sold a painting out of the Canada gallery last month!  It's titled "A Day in the Life".  I sell quite a few of my bright blue pieces - have to paint more.


My First Post

This is my first post.  I just attended a blogging basics class so here I go!  I think that my posting will be more of a diary and comments about my perception about the art world.  I will also be posting any upcoming shows and exhibits.

I will be part of a group show at my gallery in Canada, Sopa Fine Arts.  It will be  opening the second Thursday of July.  I will post photos as soon as the show is installed.  

That's all for now...